Friday, February 1, 2008

Roberts Street on 3CR breakfast today

The issue of asbestos and the Roberts Street Northcote public housing redevelopment was highlighted this morning on 3CR breakfast with John Retallick. The focus of the interview was on ten questions sent to housing minister, Richard Wynne, and chair of the redevelopment committee, Northcote MP, Fiona Richardson.

The questions were sent on 18 January and there is yet to be a response, or any updated information posted to local letterboxes or the Office of Housing website. In fact, the only public response from Richardson and Wynne on this issue has been extracted by media enquiries.

While the demolition tender has closed, and demolition will start sometime in February, we still do not know if further testing recommended by an asbestos audit will be carried out and made public, whether the demolition company's asbestos control plan will be released well before demolition starts, and why the indications are that some asbestos will still be in the buildings when they are knocked into rubble.

As suggested on this morning's program, you can help prompt answers to these and other questions sent to the Government by calling Wynne on 9096 7722 or sending an email to You might also call Northcote MP, Fiona Richardson, on 9481 5777, or send an email to

Fore more background and other questions on this issue, see my earlier post, A quick tour of Roberts Street.

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