Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Roberts Street web 'updates' way too late

The Office of Housing continued its retrospective website 'updates' tonight (8 April) by telling us for the first time online that asbestos removal works began on the Roberts Street Northcote public housing estate on Wednesday 2 April (a day of horrendous winds, as many people will recall, but then the works were said to be inside – more follow-up on that very soon).

Well, to set the record straight, here's a PDF of what the Roberts Street redevelopment website looked like only yesterday morning. This shows that, at that stage, the website had last been updated on 2 April, and was still advising on 7 April – five days after the actual start of asbestos removal – that the works had been delayed and a start date would be advised.

Sorry guys, but you can't inform people in advance retrospectively – especially when your public disclosure is so generally poor and people relied on your website for information they needed to have before the works began. I have another PDF showing the site just this morning in a similar state of outdatedness, and will upload that soon.

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