Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Come to the Route 86 meeting Wednesday night

The City of Darebin is holding a public meeting for Westgarth businesses and residents tomorrow night, Wednesday 18 March, at 6.30pm to discuss the Tram Route 86 Corridor Project, and in particular the potential impacts on the local businesses and the community from options presented so far. Unfortunately, no agenda seems to be available. Go to the Northcote Town Hall, Room 2B (Level 1) and have your say.

Those visiting the Route 86 project page at the Darebin website should note that, despite the tardy updating by Council, the deadline for submissions on the project has been extended to 14 April (the Tuesday after the Easter break), and that further 'roundtable discussions' have been promised between Council officers, stakeholders and community members.

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  1. Update: The new deadline for submissions (14 April) has now been published on Council's Route 86 project page. What about an agenda?


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