Thursday, April 2, 2009

Darebin gets smarter on consultation

Following the Westgarth Route 86 issues meeting on Tuesday, Council has promptly made available on the web the plan for the community consultation process from here, and you can also read the notes from the meeting in Word format (scroll down to the section about the roundtable discussions).

If you don't have Word, you can also view the notes here as a web page. The notes from the cycling issues meeting are also available in Word (here as a web page).

I've yet to read the Westgarth notes, but, together with Tuesday's big win for residents in the High Street service road, this is the sort of responsiveness that will bring big improvements to the consultation process from here.

Have a read of the notes, and be sure to tell your friends that they're available. It's also a good idea to let Council know if you think they've missed anything that you discussed on the night, or if any of the points could be made clearer etc.

The sharing of these ideas by Council offers valuable context for community submissions that are invited by 14 April.

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