Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Asbestos at the Roberts Street flats

Given that the flats at Roberts Street Northcote contain asbestos and are slated for imminent demolition, nearby residents need answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the likely timing of the demolition?

  2. Has an asbestos audit of the buildings been undertaken? If so, will the findings be made public? If not, why not, and when will an audit be done?

  3. What requirements does the presence of asbestos place on the demolition of buildings, and how will these be applied to Roberts Street to ensure the safety of the community?

  4. Has a demolition tender been let? If so, has a company been appointed, and when will this information be made public?

If readers can think of any more questions, feel free to leave them here by using the comments link on this post - the same goes for any answers the government might deign to provide. I'll be sending Northcote MP Fiona Richardson the post, so she can't say she doesn't know.

This issue has gone under the radar a bit with the election and the generally poor communication about the project. The advisory committee meetings, for example, are held on working days when many people can't attend, and the website hasn't been all that informative, is very general, and was a long time coming

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