Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A final word on the 2007 Federal election

Essential reading for anyone who might be slightly mystified by voting preferences is Beth Spencer's recent article for The Age, 'Your voting preferences really do matter'. I encourage everyone to have a read and spread the word among your friends.

As for me, through letters to the editor, web articles and posts on this blog, I've made my own modest contribution to highlighting some of the issues that will be important in deciding my vote next Saturday. Below are some links to these for easy reference.

The unknown Batman Liberal - in search of Jonathan Peart

Interview with Priya Carey, Greens candidate for Batman

'Sticky John' a double-standard distraction for Batman

Questions for Martin Ferguson

Vaile's attitude proves the point (Letter to the editor, The Age)

Hidden dangers (Letter to the editor, The Sunday Age)

The first four articles were written for, a citizen journalism project focusing on the election and run by the Queensland University of Technology. Contributing to this project has been an interesting experience, and I hope citizen journalism grows as an inclusive and participatory means of shaping the future of our democracy.

Vote well!

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