Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And now a word from Giorgia!

It appears my last post has come to the attention of its subject, Giorgia Moar. Giorgia has penned the following reply to my email, though she's welcome to leave a comment for everyone if she so desires. Anyway, here it is. She has renamed me 'David' – if only she could rename the electoral district of Preston to Northcote, her problems would be solved. The electorate would just be very, very big.


How kind of you to allow me the write a letter to my local paper!

It is laughable to suggest that I am part of the ALP machine. I have taken an interest in the election (including writing to my local paper) as I want to ensure that my community is well represented.

I have given my support to the campaign of Fiona Richardson because I think Fiona would make a good Member for Northcote.

Sorry to disappoint you but it is that simple. No hidden agenda.

[No hidden agenda, just very small print – Ed.]

Good Luck with your projects.




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  2. Darren,

    My apologies for incorrectly calling you David, my mistake.

    I would be more interested to read about your platform, rather than your current focus on font sizes on election material

    I look forward to reading about your ideas for Northcote.



  3. Well, Giorgia, I invite you to keep reading. As you will see if you keep visiting the blog, there's plenty for voters to read about before they make their decision on 25 November.

    In a nutshell, though, I want to provide a local, independent voice that will back Labor in their fight against Howard's IR laws, but call the Government to account on issues such as public–private partnerships, the delivery of services, and the development of our local neighbourhoods.

    Locally, there are lots of issues, including lower speed limits in shopping strips and dangerous local roads, more childcare (preferably community-based), fairness to public housing tenants (especially in the redevelopment of public housing estates), a better environment, and cuts to pokies. I'm not against people having a punt, but gaming machines took $89 million out of Darebin last financial year, and the impact is clearly on the disadvantaged.

    You and I may well agree on a lot of these issues, despite the significant problem areas where Labor needs to be taken to task. Where I differ, however, is that I think Northcote has been badly served by being a safe Labor seat with a Labor-dominated Council. I don't think Labor should have it all its own way at the expense of local communities. Part of the solution could well be an independent MP who lives in the electorate.

    Maybe I'll see you on 30 November at the MCG at the ACTU IR protest?


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