Thursday, November 23, 2006

Northcote smear flyer, Garrett letter, show Labor fears alternative vote

Here's a media release I issued this morning:

The Labor Party has issued a grubby flyer, and a letter from Federal MP and former Oils frontman, Peter Garrett, in an attempt to suppress the Northcote vote for the Greens and, indirectly, independent candidate, Darren Lewin-Hill. The flyer and letter suggest a preference deal between the Greens and the Liberals. However, while the Greens and Lewin-Hill have preferenced each other second, they have both preferenced the Labor Party above the Liberals and Family First on how-to-vote cards registered with the Victorian Electoral Commission.

'I don't want people who are considering voting for a local independent to think that my preferences to the Greens might ultimately support the Liberals, when that is absolutely not the case,' Mr Lewin-Hill said today, noting that he was doing his utmost to win as a long-shot outsider in the contest.

Read the full media release

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