Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If you like my policies, please tell your Northcote friends

Yesterday was a really busy day walking the streets of Northcote and hitting as many letter-boxes as possible before it got dark. As a result, this blog is getting quite a few hits that I am hoping are coming from within the electorate.

If you've received one of my how-to-vote cards and have come here to find out more, please take the time to tell your friends if you like what I'm offering.

As an independent without the resources of the major parties, I won't be able to reach everyone, so your help will be vital. This blog stretches back to the last State election in 2006, when I first ran for State Parliament as an independent, so my views and exactly what I stand for are very much open for everyone to see.

The main pages are the ones that tell you a bit about me, my policies about a range of local issues, and my preferences - these show how I intend to vote based on what I think of the other candidates. They're only a suggestion, however, because I believe voters shouldn't just choose who to put at number one (me, I hope), but how they should number all the other candidates on their ballot paper. No party can "direct" preferences in the Lower House against the choices voters make for themselves.

If you haven't met me, seen me walking about the place, or in the local papers, you can watch me presenting at the recent Darebin Climate Action Now Election Q and A event back on 8 November at Northcote Town Hall. Climate change is something I'm very keen to tackle, and this video shows where I stand on the issue.

If you're not sure about my position on a particular issue, please ask by emailing, or by leaving a comment on any of the posts here. I won't tel you what I think you want to hear - you'll find out what I actually believe.

Stay tuned for further posts in the lead-up to the election!

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