Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Northcote independent seeks replay of fed result in Victoria

What should an independent-minded community and climate campaigner from Northcote do but run as an independent (!) in the key inner-Melbourne seat in November's Victorian State election?

Having also run in the 2006 State poll, and as the leading independent vote-getter in Rucker Ward in the 2008 Darebin Council elections, I've been encouraged to stand based on growing support, and the rise of independents in the recent federal election.

With the State poll tightening and the chance of a hung Parliament, the potential for independents to strongly represent residents without the constraints of party politics is better than ever.

At the federal level we've seen a very considered and principled approach by the independents to reform Parliament and progress a range of issues in the public interest. There's no reason that can't happen in Victoria, starting here in Northcote.

Stay tuned for policy positions on a range of local issues that will appear very soon. In the meantime, the posts I've written here since 2006 will give you a pretty good idea of where I stand on many issues.

If, as I do, you feel strongly about climate change, you can also catch me at an election climate Q & A next Monday 7-9pm at the Northcote Town Hall, brought to you by Darebin Climate Action Network.

I'll be writing regular updates here and via NorthcoteIND on Twitter.

Comments welcome!

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