Friday, November 12, 2010

Richardson reads Goldilocks on climate

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An update of an environment scorecard just released by Environment Victoria has undermined claims by Northcote Labor MP, Fiona Richardson, that environment groups somehow applauded the Government's inadequate climate measures, according to independent candidate, Darren Lewin-Hill.

Richardson made the claims at a climate Q &A held on Monday night organised by Darebin Climate Action Now at Northcote Town Hall.

Overall the scorecard rates the party at 47%, and scored it only 50% on its target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, 25% on banning new conventional coal-fired power stations, and zero for its failure to rule out new allocations of brown coal for export.

"While painting the Government's measures as 'just right', Richardson dismisses as extreme the science-based proposals calling for a rapid transition to zero emissions and the replacement of the Hazelwood coal-fired power station with renewable energy within the next term of government.

"If she thinks Labor's climate strategy is 'just right', she's read Goldilocks and the Three Bears once too often, and Victoria is set to get too hot," Mr Lewin-Hill said.

He said that Richardson's approach at the Q & A was part of a deliberate strategy by Labor to appear moderate and sensible on climate, but it failed to stand up to scrutiny. He has analysed the strategy more fully at his blog, Northcote Independent.

Richardson's appearance at the Q & A came in the wake of Morgan polling that showed Northcote has more voters concerned about global warming and climate change than any other seat (34.7%).

"It's not surprising, then, that there were a few Labor plants in the audience making pretty weak attacks on anyone calling for climate action," Lewin-Hill commented.

He said Richardson bristled at one admitted ALP member who clearly hadn't been worded up, and who criticised the party's climate policies, commenting that: "I know climate change is happening, because I'm from New Zealand, where we now see icebergs floating past our country".

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