Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A commitment to Indigenous reconciliation

Today I received a Strategic Plan for Reconciliation and a Reconciliation Commitment Statement for Council election candidates from ANTar Victoria. By seeking a commitment from candidates who may be elected to Council, the Statement is a way of ensuring that the rights and well-being of Indigenous Australians are built into the Council strategic plans that will be developed in the first six months of new Council terms. As such, I am pleased to commit to the statement as an expression of my commitment to Indigenous people living in Darebin.

Despite the historic occasion of Sorry Day in February, a nation still committed to a deeply problematic Northern Territory 'intervention' still has a long way to go in bringing justice to Indigenous people, and in fostering equality on a range of socio-economic levels. I hope the new Darebin Council will recognise that it is primarily via the representation and participation of Indigenous people in decisions that affect them that genuine progress will be made.

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