Friday, November 7, 2008

Radio 3CR interview now available

Back on Friday 31 October, I had the good fortune to be invited onto Radio 3CR's Keep Left program to talk about why I am running as an independent for Rucker Ward in the 2008 Darebin Council elections.

In short, it's all about democracy, and improving the representation and participation of residents in the running of their local Council. A big part of that is electing independent, community and other progressive Councillors to break the current control of Council by a single faction of a single political party.

Just a note on the (until recently) proposed Councillor conflict-of-interest laws. At the time of the interview, the government had backed down on laws that would have targeted community engagement rather than inappropriate financial interest as an influence on Councillor voting, but successful amendments were yet to be passed - they now have, and it just shows what a community protest on the steps of Parliament can achieve!

So, here it is, courtesy of Radio 3CR and the fantastic podomatic free online podcasting service.

Stay tuned for further podcasts on this channel as the campaign progresses. Feel free to leave comments, send questions, or contact me offline via email. Alternatively, give me a call on 0404 526 555 to get hold of me directly.

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