Friday, November 14, 2008

Last flyers go out in the rain

With the last postal ballot papers set to arrive today from the Victorian Electoral Commission, this morning before work I finished off my letter-boxing juggling an umbrella and with an eye on the lightning as our gardens (and hopefully catchments) got a much-needed soaking of rain.

Despite the welcome help of volunteers from the Darebin Appropriate Development Association, and my own slogging around the streets, I haven't been able to cover nearly the whole ward with my flyers. However, I'm hoping my web address on the postal ballot paper will help people connect with me and get a good idea of my policies and broader views.

I have based my independent, community campaign on openness and being up-front about where I stand not only on local issues, but also on broader ones that I think are equally relevant in giving a full picture of myself as a candidate seeking to represent you on Council.

Before you vote for your Councillors in Rucker ward, I would ask you to consider if you know nearly so much about the views, positions and community involvements of other candidates - especially those we hear little from and who are largely aligned with the leading right-wing Labor Unity candidates.

Voters need to decide if they want more of the same - a Council dominated by a single right-wing faction of a single political party - or if they want a more diverse Council with a range of progressive views better representing those of the community itself.

Unfortunately in Rucker Ward, there are not even any Labor Left candidates, while in other wards the Labor Right has preferenced away from them. Council needs more progressives - independent community candidates such as myself, Labor Left candidates, and Greens. Let's hope there are some new voices on Council after 28 November, and I invite you to consider my preferences in completing your vote.

Please be sure to complete and return your postal ballot paper according to the VEC instructions so that it reaches the VEC Returning Officer by no later than 6.00pm on Friday 28 November 2008.

If you do not receive your ballot paper today, you can call the VEC on 13 18 32 (text telephone 9299 0570) to check that it's on its way.

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