Sunday, November 9, 2008

Who's delivering flyers to your letterbox?

Earlier in this campaign, Rucker residents experienced saturation bombing of ALP propaganda. I was even told that one candidate had a minibus to cart around the workers who would then descend on a target area with hefty envelopes full of overblown claims.

Even the Greens were throwing a lot of paper around, albeit of the recycled variety (still, it is reduce, recycle and re-use, guys). For the moment, though, it's become a little quieter at least down the southern end of the ward, but with ballots posted out this week it may well be the calm before the paper storm.

As I've mentioned before, I just don't have the resources of the big parties, so if I reach you with one of my small, 100% recycled paper leaflets, it'll probably be just the once. And while I do have some community volunteers helping me, it's quite likely you'll see me coming to grips with the amazing variety of sometimes inaccessible or hidden letterboxes in our ward. If you do, I'm happy to stop and chat, as I've already done with lots of residents. It'll be a break from the slog, and the 15,000+ steps it takes just for one decent letterboxing session.

(How do I know it's that many? I'm using one of the free pedometers given out as part of the WalkSmart initiative - don't drop them, however, as they sometimes reset and you'll lose the steps you've already built up for the day. And yes, that is a hole in my running shoe.)

Getting back to the campaign, the next time a flyer lands in your letterbox, think about who's delivering it, and whether the candidate it's spruiking is actually getting out there themselves. Of course, candidate-delivered flyers mean nothing if you haven't got decent policies, but I have those as well.

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