Saturday, November 29, 2008

Follow the count for Council elections

Voting for Darebin's postal ballot elections concluded at 6.00pm last night, and voters interested in early results can soon follow the count at the the VLGA's tally room. To get there, follow the link on the right-hand-side of their home page.

At the moment there's just one spreadsheet showing elected Councillors in municipalities with uncontested wards, but things will get more lively from 5.30pm tonight according to the VLGA media release.

I'm not sure whether the results will continue be provided in downloadable spreadsheets, nor how they arrived at their order of candidates within particular wards, but early news of the results is welcome - especially from my point of view!

Update: The results page at the Victorian Electoral Commission seems to be just as up-to-date, so you could try there as well. As of about 8.30am this Sunday morning, there were no results for Darebin at either site.

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