Friday, November 14, 2008

Safer, better cycling in Darebin

As a supporter of cycling, I was pleased to respond to a request for my position on cycling from Bicycle Victoria and from Darebin Bicycle User Group. Several of my policies are relavant to cycling, but here I respond to DBUG's question:

Bicycle Victoria recommends that each council spend at least $5 per resident on cycling. Their latest review of expenditure showed that Darebin has failed to meet this target, spending only $3 per resident, less than neighbouring Banyule and Yarra councils.

If elected, what will you do to ensure that Darebin raises its level of expenditure to meet the $5 target and maintains expenditure at that level?
For an edited version of my response (and those of other candidates), see the DBUG website. Here's the unedited version of my statement:
To increase Darebin expenditure to the five dollars per resident recommended by Bicycle Victoria, I would advocate among my fellow Councillors for increased funding, serve as a focal point on Council for community concerns about cycling safety and convenience, lobby to include cyclists in decision-making about cycling, and work collaboratively with community cycling organisations such as Darebin Bicycle Users Group and Bicycle Victoria to campaign for action.

Having completed Bicycle Victoria's 2001 Around the Bay in a Day Ride, I would also get on my bike more often and aim to ride to Council meetings, as well as promoting cycling within Council itself. In my stated policy, I have committed to safer roads, more dedicated bike lanes and paths, and more bike parking in local shopping areas. I am a pro-cycling candidate. For more information, please see:
Happy cycling!

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