Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm keen to get back to you, so please leave a message!

I strongly encourage callers to my campaign mobile number (0404 526 555) to please leave a message if they don't get me straight away, as I reply to pretty much everyone who contacts me (fundamentalist religious surveys excepted).

Email is also a reliable way of getting a response, as I then don't get return numbers cut off by poor mobile reception, which frustratingly happened only this afternoon (Hi, Oliver).

In this campaign, I have tried to respond as I would if I were elected a Councillor. I'll respond even if I don't agree with your position and the honest statement of my views might lose me a vote. I won't sit on the fence, giving non-committal answers to hedge my bets like some other candidates. You can also read all my policies at my campaign website.

That's it - challenge me, ask me where I stand, invite me to a debate. I'll be there!

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